Prison - A Survival Guide - Penguin (2019)

"Essential reading" - Will Self.

"A mockery of our criminal justice system" - Priti Patel MP

The definitive guide to UK prisons - emotional and funny but a truly practical resource for prisoners, their families, legal professionals, tax payers and clueless politicians alike. Features contributions from female/LGBTQ/child prisoners and those who support them from the outside. Illustrated throughout by Banx (Private Eye) with phenomenal contributions from Julia Howard, Sarah Jane Baker, Jon Gulliver, Elliot Murawski and Lisa Selby.

Justice Dark Ages Poster

Features all 150 current UK prisons, from publicly owned Victorian hellholes to ex-military barracks to private futuristic warehouses that look like spaceships. A0, 841mm x 1189mm, full colour, high quality print.

Transgangsta Embroidery

When the prison governor caught Sarah Jane Baker with an illegal mobile phone he said "what are you Sarah, a bloody Transgangsta?!", so she went back to her cell and made an embroidery to commemorate it. Here's a reproduction - double sided print on 133x148mm 400gsm super high quality card. All profits go to her!

Dalai Lama Embroidery

Another emotional, political and genius artwork made in-cell by HRH Sarah Jane Baker. Really good vibe, exposes the inhumanity of the system with humour and energy. These reproductions have ultra high quality double sided print on 600x390mm 400gsm heavy weight card and, of course, all profits go to her!

Prisonopoly Embroidery

This Monopoly parody starts with GO TO JAIL, continues with Youth Court, Crown Court, HMP Wormwood Scrubs, transphobia then parole.

These reproductions are all double sided and are available as a postcard (150x150mm 250gsm heavyweight card), a poster (310x310mm 175gsm heavyweight paper) or a framed poster (as before, with 4mm picture glass on both sides secured with French clips)


100% of artwork profits go to Sarah! Big thanks to Kelly Ball and Matt Gonzalez-Noda for helping to facilitate this print. Sarah's prison address is on my Insta too - write to her and show some love!

The Closure of HMP Holloway print

Erika Flowers' painting of London's recently closed female jail features politicians and property developers carting money off one way, prison vans carting women off the other way, Sarah Reed sits above in the clouds while the NHS workers escape using a drone that was used to fly drugs over the fence. A totally amazing print. Available from her website.

Sounds Inside documentary (2018)

Documentary about prison soundscapes. Produced by Tom Glasser for Prison Radio Association.

Prison - A Survival Guide - self published (2015) - sold out

Prison - A Survival Guide - self published (2011) - sold out

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