Prison – A Survival Guide – Penguin (2019)


"Essential reading" - Will Self. Carl gives a humorous, invested and generous guide to the practicalities of the British prison system - a wake-up call to UK's systematic failure that should be read by everyone from crooks to straight and narrow taxpayers. Features contributions from Lisa Selby (prison wives), Julia Howard (serving in a female prison), Jon Gulliver (Youth Offenders), Elliot Murawski (addiction issues), Darcey Hartley (having a dad in jail) and Sarah Jane Baker (LGBT issues)! Fully illustrated by Banx (of Private Eye fame).

NEW: Prisonopoly Embroidery Poster (2019)

Made by Sarah Jane Baker (world's longest serving transgender prisoner) in her cell. Starts with GO TO JAIL, continues with Youth Court, Crown Court, HMP Wormwood Scrubs, transphobia then parole. Please see my Instagram for a proper explanation of the piece!

  • Double-sided 610x610mm poster
    Actual monopoly board size. Super high quality double-sided print on 175gsm heavyweight paper.
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  • Framed double-sided 610x610mm poster
    Actual monopoly board size. Glass on both sides so you can see the super high quality double-sided print on 175gsm heavyweight paper. Must be collected from me in London - email me to arrange.
  • 150x150mm postcard
    Double sided super high quality print. 250gsm card. 2nd class postage included in price.
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100% of artwork profits go to Sarah! Big thanks to Kelly Ball and Matt Gonzalez-Noda for helping to facilitate this print. Sarah's prison address is on my Insta too - write to her and show some love!

UK Prisons Poster (2019)

Features all 150 current UK prisons. A0, 841mm x 1189mm, full colour, high quality print. £8 including recorded postage. For more info check my Instagram.


The Closure of HMP Holloway print … £34

Erika Flowers’ painting of London’s recently closed female jail features politicians and property developers carting money off one way, prison vans carting women off the other way, Sarah Reed sits above in the clouds while the NHS workers escape using a drone that was used to fly drugs over the fence. A totally amazing print. Available from her website.

Sounds Inside documentary (2018)

Documentary about prison soundscapes. Produced by Tom Glasser for Prison Radio Association.

Prison - A Survival Guide - self published (2015) – sold out

Prison - A Survival Guide – self published (2011) – sold out